Mar 23, 2018

Skincare & travel TIPS

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From Skinpowerment's Inbox: I love my skincare, but I just got a new job and started traveling a lot. My bottles are too big to take in my carryon to airplane and I don't like putting them in checked baggage because it is too expensive to get ruined or stolen. Can you recommend the best travel storage bottles for carry ons?

Mar 23, 2018

I understand as I love my skincare too and going even one day without it is like being in the desert without water. There is no way around the airline regulations, so I have a couple HACKS for you.


1. I know it's fun to travel with your pretty bottles, and some baggage handler are so rough with luggage. BUT You don't actually need as much product as you think, so buying small cosmetic pots (i.e. 3gm or 5gm etc available on Amazon) should be perfect. They typically have a tight sealing plastic or screw on lid and there is no need to fill them all the way, that will help prevent spillage from air pressure if you do check them in. If you carry on, you put them in a zip lock and BAM!


2. I am a serum addict, so put the serum in your small pot. OR if you have the capsules like my RetinAl, you only need to grab a few and you are good to go. Check it out here > RETINAL


3. Toner, how do you travel with liquid? The toner I use is just a scoosh over what is allowable. Go get a very small spritzer or spray bottle, under 1 oz. You do not need that much. It's much easier to spritz your toner while traveling and wipe with gauze.


Last year, my skincare came out with TRAVEL sizes as a business promotion and they are awesome! BUT I still use my travel size cosmetic pots. I like to travel light. I hope these HACKS helped.

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