Mar 23, 2018


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From the inbox - "Hi, I have a question. How do you forgive your abuser if he died?"

Mar 23, 2018Edited: Mar 25, 2018

I posed the question to our private female veteran group on FB ME TOO WOMEN VETERANS WARRIORS & SURVIVORS, and here are some responses:


I had one die and U know he will answer to God and he can’t try to do that stuff to anyone else. JB


I chalked it up to karma, it was not pretty. GC


I have no idea if he’s dead or alive. I do hope I was the only one he raped. I think I could forgive him if he changed his ways. JH


I was hoping he may have died (it seems maybe would be easier to forgive him) Its in your heart, to forgive. It does not have to be verbal nor does the other party have to be sorry for their actions. To forgive can be like an onion, you may forgive, then it hit you in another layer so you have to try to do it again... DC


I can't at times, and it rots my insides. Shit, I gotta work hard to hang onto forgiveness for my 18 year old self. SS


Write a letter. Say what you need to say and know that this is the very best that you can do. You do this for your own healing. When you are satisfied with the letter get a helium filled balloon tie a string to it and to the letter and "Let it go". CT


*ding dong!!!!! The witch is dead. MM


Karma came for him. He rotted from the inside out. I felt relieved when he died sadly. CB




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