What keeps you awake at night?

October 14, 2017

What keeps you awake at night? Insomnia sucks...


Last night I couldn't sleep. Shane comes in after I had been laying there for about an hour and was asleep about 30 seconds after his head hits the pillow. JERK!


As I lay there thinking:
Man this head cold sucks. I hope I don't oversleep in the morning. I wonder if Abby wants cereal or waffles tomorrow? What are the cats doing in the kitchen? I wonder if I locked my car. Did Abby leave her water bottle in the car? Is that the neighbor's porch light flickering through the trees or someone peeking in my window? Man that helicopter sounds close. I bet if I count to 100 I'll get tired. My throat is itchy. Is that a basketball bouncing outside? What time is it? Does that clock say 11 or 1, I can't see without my glasses. What are the dogs barking at? I wonder if I should plug my phone into the charger. Did I lock my car? What are the dogs barking at? I bet if I count backwards from 100 I'll get tired. I should check and see if I have any messages. Do I have everything for Abby's costume? That fake meat I made for tacos was good. Who was it that wanted the skincare sample? My feet are cold, they are never cold. I wonder if I have cancer. I will fold those towels tomorrow. Why do I have so many hairs on my chin? He is breathing loud, how does he fall asleep so easy? I wonder if it's too late to take Nyquil? I hope my tire isn't flat in the morning. Are we out of coffee? I bet if I count to 500 in Spanish I'll get tired. Remember to put water in pool tomorrow. That video on facebook was hilarious. I can smell the catbox. Did I floss? Oh we are almost out of catfood. That car's muffler is loud. Maybe if I turn the fan on I will fall asleep. I hope Abby's split lip is better in the morning. That jack o' lantern is going to get moldy fast. I really don't feel like making pumpkin seeds. Why is the neighbor taking trash out this late? Those kids shouldn't be playing basketball after ten. Is that the pool skimmer sucking air or just a loud car? Did I put the wet clothes in dryer? If I count by fives in Spanish I will fall asleep. Who leaves one sip in the orange juice container? Reminder to floss teeth in morning. I must have fallen asleep, is that the sprinklers? They come on at 5am. Shoot, I hope I don't oversleep. I wonder if Abby wants cereal or waffles. Are we out of coffee? I gotta pee. I can hold it about 20 more minutes. No i can't. damn.



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