I love Acne, said ~No one ever... How to toss your concealer in 30 days & fall in love with your skin again.

March 16, 2018


What is worse than waking up with a huge zit on your nose (like I did this morning), or right between the eyes the day of a big event, or heck, no event? Maybe waking up every single day with blemishes that don't go away? Waking up everyday with scabs and scars from last night's picking session? Waking up everyday with new, painful blemishes that are so obvious, it seems nothing will hide them? I know I found a solution, but it took me over 10 years. Read on to see how I figured it out. 


I had normal to oily skin growing up. I guess normal zits, nothing that I was too concerned about. BUT into adulthood and crazy lifestyle in the military, whoa, the zits started coming. I think it was a combination of erratic skincare and fluctuating hormones, but somehow I managed to keep it under control. 


My first experience with super bad zits was in college; talk about the acne/bacne. It is so embarrassing. Tank tops in the summer, no fricken way. My first summer at Chico state was hot. No central air in my apartment, and I mean like a record breaking summer of 20 days in a row over 100 degrees. Not 101, I'm talking 105, 108, 112 degrees. I lost 15 lbs from sweating and developed major bacne (zits on the back and upper shoulders). Summer activities like swimming, rafting down the river, wake boarding, trust me, there is NO concealer that stays on and it seems like sunscreen just aggravates it more. AND THE ADVICE YOU GET ~ Ban anyone who gives you unsolicited and ridiculous skin-care advice. YES, I drink enough water and I wash my pillow cases, and YES I eat healthy.  I’m sick of putting toothpaste on my zits, what kind of old wives tale is that?  I wake up sweating, smelling like a candy cane stuck to the sheets. Hormonal zits are some to be reckoned with; they will torture you relentlessly until you find something that works, or sadly, maybe you are still looking for something that works.  You will have Good Skin Days and Slightly Less Good Skin Days and will try every FACE MASK and scrub at the drugstore on a Friday night and then skip brunch with your girls on Saturday because your face looks inflamed and sore. Thank goodness I did find something that helped me during that time. It was the first time I heard the names Dr. Rodan + Fields. They were the creator of an acne regimen that became #1 globally. Maybe you heard of Proactiv Solution??? AND IT CLEARED UP MY BACNE. I was sold, I told all my friends, even my roommate shared it with me. THANKFUL!!! Me, my sister and a friend even made up a song about bacne and for the life of me I cannot remember all the words, but it was a Sir-Mix-A-Lot tune and one line was “Baby’s got bacne”. I still have scarring on my upper arms and back, but the red beans and rice didn’t miss me. LOL


I wake up sweating, smelling like

a candy cane stuck to the sheets.


Cystic acne is the worst. Big, sore, hard bumps that nothing really comes out. If you’re a picker like me then I don’t need to explain the scabs and scars to you. I graduated from Chico when I was 30 and I started dating. Going out late, eating fast foods, sleeping in my makeup. OH, I got cystic acne on my neck and cheeks, and it is so hard to cover. Keep your hair in just the right bob, but hairspray and goo products don’t help your skin. Concealer only goes so far. Some of your makeup will sweat off during intimate moments, and if you sleep in your makeup, it will end up on your pillow. No pretending you “woke up like this”. And if it’s a sleepover do you risk not washing your face even one night? Heck no, hello clogged pores. 


You can’t  do everything in the dark unless you’re a vampire. Leave the house at 10:30pm, but the club lights come on at 1:45am. Denny’s at 2am does have the best pancakes and most fantastic fluorescent lighting. UGH. Great double feature and greasy popcorn, but you gotta leave the movie theater sometime (Insert evil laugh here). Last time I checked, brunch is typically at 10am-2pm, the height of daytime lighting, so if you’re having a bad skin day, you flake on your friends with an excuse that you must do something else super important like take your cat to the vet (on a Saturday). The Drs names popped up again. It was Y2K (2001-ish) and I couldn't find anything to help me, so I turned to the same #1 acne regimen the Drs created, and success for my acne. THANK YOU!


Let's fast foward about 10 years. I'm married, I have a young daughter, I'm pushing mid forties, and my hormones are whacked. After infertility medications, treatments and my hormones are causing acne again. I’ve always been a minimal makeup girl, but going bare is out of the question. MUST HAVE CONCEALER. I worked behind the scenes of a company, so happily I didn't deal with the public. After struggling for a few years, the Drs names popped up on my feed once again. Except this time, I also had gotten a very bad case of eczema over the zits. We had spent three days camping at the windy cold coast for Thanksgiving week, and I came home with eczema.

 My friend from high school told me about a product she sold called Soothe (by Rodan + Fields). What??? I signed up as a consultant because I'm cheap and I wanted the deepest discount.  Within 30 days, my eczema was well on it's way to gone. Next, I decided to try the Unblemish to tackle the underlying zits, and to my amazement, clear skin again. 



How had I not heard of the Drs' new endeavor? I wasn't interested in selling the skincare, but people started asking me what I used, and I told them I could help them get it. My business just grew from there.  I remember the first time I posted a makeup free selfie for #rfgonaked day. I was so self conscious. I am my worst critic.


My sister saw my face after I had been using my skincare for a few months and totally noticed that my forehead wrinkles were better and urged me to do a picture. I posted my first bare selfie and got over my fear of judgement.


Having acne or any skin condition can make you a non judgmental person because you know that it doesn’t matter how clean your face is, or your sheets,  that when you see someone else suffering you just want to reach out and hug them or help them but that is right along the lines of intruding on personal space. Don’t ask a woman if she’s pregnant, and don’t tell someone how to treat their acne unless they ask for help. I share my results, and I share the multi-med regimens created by two of the top dermatologists, and people choose to make a difference in their lives and their skin. 


I love that I found a solution to keep my hormonal zits and blackheads to a minimum and would love to share with you when you’re ready. Just look at these results for the same things I suffered with. ~ x Joleen


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