From Hopeless to Hopeful BIZ Warrior -YES You Can

March 26, 2018

This is a love story.

Actually, it’s more of a personal "trust your gut" story.

Maybe it’s both.



Last year , I was in a hapless and hopeless dead end job. I mean, by choice I was there for ten years. It became a dead end hapless and hopeless job around year 8.5 quite suddenly when I realized that I was no longer valued by my bosses, and felt invisible among my coworkers, and just started to feel like a I had a huge target on my back that said, "this is what happens when you report harassment and you don't have support of your team".  Hapless and hopeless. 


I wrote a post on about BULLYING IN THE WORKPLACE. Maybe you saw it (probably not). 


Anyways, I’m not at a dead end anymore. Last year, I left that impass.  I was scared we’d struggle, lose our home, our cars, get all thin and emaciated, but that didn’t happen. Quite the opposite. We did batten down some financial hatches (Navy speak), but I haven’t been this happy in years. I know I only complain about socks on the floor and doing laundry mostly, but I never have to take my work home with me anymore. 


Truth, I rarely get out of bed before 7. LOL. I do have to take daughter to school everyday, but I do it in my pajamas and pray I don't get a flat tire or pulled over for a traffic violation.


So, how did I go from feeling hopeless and hapless to being able to kiss my daughter goodbye at school drop off and going home to finish my coffee while watching The Today Show? 

And more importantly…

…why am I asking you read this?

Basically, I took a leap of faith on myself. I took control of my own future… I became a work from home warrior and turned LESS into FULL. 

Look, there are 100 different ways you could start a side job right now and make money.

But all of those require two things I that freak me out:

1. Tons of start-up money
2. Risk

That’s why, if you’re struggling with “hopelessness or haplessness” I strongly suggest you take a really good look, deep inside yourself.


I did it, and so can you!


I honestly LOVE what I do. I love my schedule. I love having me time during the day while my daughter is at school. I love getting paid to be creative on my terms, on my schedule, for projects and people that I care about is AMAZING. I am full of gratitude for the freedom and lifestyle that I live today.


Recently, I’ve wanted to give back. Not only to future #homewarriors like myself, but literally give back and now I can do that. My time is valuable, and I get to volunteer for causes that I choose, and give my time to these causes. 


I’m looking to share the love and help you to start breaking free of the hopelessness of your wildly depressing JOB and arm you with the power to go be the creative you were meant to be.


I am now hopeful(l) and hapful(l), in love with my beliefs and with my BIZ and I am not looking back. I can help you too. 


I am offering complimentary startup incentives, awesome business planners, personal coaching, training, my own personal marketing graphics and materials, and the sky's the limit. 


If you are ready to trust your gut and start loving what you do, contact me for the full deal on my HOPEFUL BIZ WARRIOR sponsorship, for a limited time only. No Risk! 


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