Bandaids, Bandaids, Everywhere

January 2, 2019

As I woke up and thought to myself this beautiful morning, 

I know this day will never be boring.


So I looked for my coffee cup,

reached in the dishwasher, 

I felt something on the handle 

& it was a sticker.


Wait, it's not a sticker,

it's half washed away, 

it was the fricken bandaid,

that I put on my daughters bloody toe yesterday. 


So I pulled the bandaid off,

all clean now, not icky,

It could totally be used again if it was still sticky. 


I sat down to watch the news,

and oh to my dismay, 

there was a bandaid stuck to the tv tray. 


So I lay on the hard floor to scrape it off,

and I saw a bandaid on the side of the xbox. 


AND right next to the crumbs on the floor, 

was a bandaid stuck to the play store. 


As I ran to get the GONE goo, 

I felt something stuck to my shoe.

Another bandaid with glitter and a happy face,

and I thought, "are these bandaids all over the place"?


As I was cleaning,

I could only shrug,

there was a spiderman bandaid,

stuck to the rug.


The vacuum won't pick that up,


I'll have to use a razor blade. 


The baby was bawling and crying,

so I check on her in the crib, 

and I'm not lying,

there was a bandaid stuck on her bib. 


This is just the start,

will this day ever be over?

Go to feed the dog, and there's a bandaid on Rover.


I finally go to brush my teeth and gums, 

Oh no, this is the last straw, 

a bandaid stuck to the bottle of Tums. 


Bandaids, bandaids everywhere,

I lay my head down on my pillow,

and I think I have a pokemon bandaid in my hair. 





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