Ramblings - did you "choose" to get sick, then maybe it's not covered by insurance?

July 10, 2019

I am sick to my stomach. I have fallen into a rabbit hole of sorts, surrounded by breast implant illness survivors. The stories I hear of women so sick from seemingly random and mystery ailments, and they cannot get proper treatment to save their life. Since when is a serious illness, that causes severe depression, suicidal thoughts, a myriad of auto-immune type disorders, chronic pain, and debilitating quality of life issues, not considered medically necessary? 


Oh ya, right, it's because breast implants are "elective", unless they were put in as "medically necessary" after a mastectomy or some sort of reconstruction due to trauma. So I sit and read posts from women all over the world, looking for way to finance this surgery that can cost upwards of 2x, 3x what the initial augmentation surgery costed. 


There is this list of primo doctors floating around these groups that are experts in the explant field. AND their waiting lists are long. My opinion, if you can afford it, and you can wait, then those doctors may be your answer to getting your life back sooner and you can rest knowing you had the best. But what about the rest of us who are already in debt or just cannot see paying $12k.



what if you cannot afford $5 -$15k? 

what if you cannot wait a year?

what if you live day to day in chronic pain, inflammation and toxicity? 

what if you have already lost a relationship or marriage to the stress of these ails?

what if you have already spent "out of pocket" $$$ to find answers?


So I want to pose the question again? If breast augmentation is considered an elective plastic surgery, then I suppose everyone who has ever got them deserves to die a slow painful death without medical help. You get what you deserve right? Damn you superficial, materialistic, conceited bitches. 


Don't get me wrong, they are getting help. They are getting treated for everything else except the big obvious problem because many doctors don't believe in Breast Implant Illness. And the actual surgical procedure is not covered under insurance unless it is an urgent need. Thank goodness I have a doctor that did not question me. She saw my huge TIT looking her right in the face. Oh maybe my boob had sad nipple face, I don't know, but what I do know is I will be on my way to a better quality of life in a few days. 


So, my aunt just died from lung cancer. She smoked for 50 years. We all know the surgeon general warnings that smoking causes lung cancer. So, since she elected or chose to smoke, should insurance have slammed the door on her and denied her chemo, radiation and comfort care in the end? Of course most insurance plans have % that are covered, but in many cases the out of pocket expense would never come close to the actual cost of the surgery itself. 

The guy addicted to heroin, snorting meth, or smoking crack is getting treatment under insurance or state funded medical for heart conditions, injuries, and neurological problems. But I guess since he elected to get high and become and addict, that the doors should be slammed on him too. 


Oh what about alcoholics with failing livers? They chose to drink. Oh, but it's a disease so let's treat them covered under their insurance and insurance may also cover inpatient detox and rehab. That's wonderful. 


There is the firefighter that chose to fight fires and is suffering from emphysema. He chose that profession, so should he have signed an agreement that he will never have health issues that area treatable? 


The girl that gets her nose pierced gets a bad infection treated at the hospital.  

The women who gets botox and has a horrible or almost fatal reaction gets medical care. 


The mom that smoked and did drugs while pregnant, deny her care too. 


So, let's just treat the dozens of ailments that breast implants are causing like lupus, thryroid conditions, lyme disease, fibromyalgia, vertigo. Let's clog up the doctor and medical resources with appointments for diagnosis after diagnosis, prescription after prescription, copay after copay. So many doctors out there and raking in the dough putting implants in, but when their patients go back to them with symptoms, they tell them it's all in their heads. Let's not listen to these women who are visually suffering, physically suffering, and make them wait until a grave condition arises to make removal medically necessary. Make them wait unitl they have a grade 4 capsular contracture, or a rupture that risks putting septic fluid throughout their body and god knows what other heavy metals might be lurking. 


Here are ingredients found in implants. >>> Toxins list


One woman had a heavy metals test after her implants were removed and she had levels of cobalt so high, very toxic levels. And that is only one.  She is paying out of pocket for these tests and to detox of the heavy metals. 


So, I will ask if it's a choice to get implants, then should you just live with that choice? Think carefully because you may be deciding for your own daughter, wife, mother. 



The only reason I am able to get my implants out and covered under insurance is because:

1. I have capsular contracture grades 3 & 4

2. I have a rupture

3. I have signs of a rare cancer called BIA-ALCL, evident in my seroma/capsule filled with fluid.


(and it is not free mind you. I left a FREE military insurance because I deemed this too serious to be vollied around the VA for months. I left to pay a monthly HMO premium of $450/month for one year. So that is a total of $5400 out of pocket, not including copays for my peace of mind, and to be on my way to recovery and healing).  


Here is the costs just from my dr visits in May. My co-pays only $80. My surgery will by $20. My heart is aching for all the women out there who are suffering and fighting with insurance companies. This will get easier and better because of all of you pushing and making your stories known. 


It seems that each boob has a charge for a mammogram, but I only had one boob under ultrasound, so why are there two? I urge everyone to look carefully at their charges. 




The day is coming when a woman goes into a consultation for breast implants and she is handed a list of potential illnesses, costs, and long term effects to look forward to. 


SO for now, before you CHOOSE or ELECT to get implants think about the real cost of them if you should happen to have any symptoms at all because the plastic surgeons don't believe in the illness and they are currently not mandated to advise you of the risks.

>> click here REAL COST of implants


You can balk at this or laugh, or say, BII or BIA ALCL it is so rare. When the FDA hid 500k faulty implant reports, ask yourself if those hidden reports are rare. What about all the reports that weren't hidden?  That is how I found out about my implants. I looked them up in the FDA database, and I found a ton of reports on my exact model and type of implant. 


If I didn't know about this illness until a year ago, I no longer think it's rare when I am groups with almost 100k women who are suffering.  AND I've been walking around with cartoon boob for a year now, so there's that. It has taken me this long to get help. 


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