Is your skincare safe?

July 22, 2019

I kinda want to get something off my chest, besides the toxic levels of chemicals that were in my "unnatural" breast implants. Ya, so I had the implants removed about a week ago. Yes, my breast implants made me sick. That combined with many other factors I'm sure, but the one that really jumped to the head of the pack was a severely enlarged, fluid filled mass that needed to come out ASAP.  25 years in my body and ten years to question my ailments. I've heard from an illness group that believes you need to detox one month for every year that you had implants. SO there is implant math now. UGH, but either way, I am back to how I was created. Part organic, part life. 


25 years = 2 years and 1 month of detox. 


Um, I guess I don't have much else to do for two years. But I highly doubt that I will be actively detoxing that long. I don't jump on every bandwagon. I will be trying some supplements that do occur naturally in nature to aid my body in a cleanse of a sort. There are ways to filter toxins out, and the body is actually pretty amazing at doing this already. If your liver is healthy, then your body is probably doing it's job. I will continue to work on the weight loss too. I've got lots of messages offering me their 30 day cleanse, their one week cleanse etc. Unless there is a scientific report they can show me that my fat really will turn from white to brown, or decrease my level of mercury or other heavy metals I have from implants, then I'm not buying it. 


I have acquainted with so many women getting explant surgery and are immediately jumping on this all natural , clean , organic hippy. Cleaning out the cupboards, the cabinets, refrigerator. That’s fine for them. I have no desire to do an overnight revamp of my household. My skincare didn't make me sick, my breast implants did, by beating down my immune system slowly, and years of diets, YEP! We do ok. Our house is like semi-homemade.  We grown some of our own, we share with our friends, we buy what we like. We already try to buy only what we need, and use what we buy. I've spent years minimalizing our home.  I don't like clutter. (NOW if I could get my husband to clean out the clothes he won't wear anymore). HANDS OFF he says. I'm not allowed in his room. 


I see many women are changing skincare to something that claims to be natural, organic, botanical and clean, chemical free. I get it, but I don't. I mean everything on this earth is a chemical/element or compound. There is no way to live chemical free. You may shop at Whole Foods, and Trader Joe's, but you cannot fool me with salon gel nails, tans, and I can smell your perfume and dryer sheets and it doesn't smell like natural essential oils.


I know my skincare has natural ingredients because I read the labels. See, it is really a marketing ploy to attract business. BUZZ WORDS. All these buzz-words like NATURAL, BOTANICAL, and CHEMICAL FREE are what people want to hear. Whatever is trending, so as soon as "natural" isn't trending anymore, the marketers will change it to something else. The thesaurus lists 50 other synonyms for natural,  so if that’s what you want, then buy those products. If you love your results, then even better. 


Any skincare brand can make claims to be clean, & all natural. Do you know why? This really gets me... Because there is absolutely zero legal regulation to use those words if it has one natural ingredient.


The FDA hasn't defined "natural", and the FDA has ZERO regulations on using the word organic in cosmetics. ONLY in foods. The FDA hasn't  taken toxic breast implants off the market either. So think about that.  Lax federal regulations mean that claims like “natural,” “nontoxic,” “plant-based” and “free of”  or "organic" have no legal basis in the personal care industry. So next time you decide what products to buy,  as you pull up to Ulta or Sephora in your Escalade, unless you are going to read and research every single ingredient, then how can you trust the brand?

  • Any food item can say organic if it has at least 95% organic ingredients, so 5% could be completely synthetic, and it can still be organic, so if I wanted all organic, I'd pay for the label that says 100% organic for sure. AND just because it's organic, does that make it good? Poison Oak is organic, but would you eat it in a salad? So some levels of organic items aren't meant to be consumed. According to the FDA's website:  remember, choosing ingredients from sources you consider “organic” or “natural” is no guarantee that they are safe. You are still responsible for making sure your ingredients are safe when used according to the labeling, or as they are customarily used, no matter what kinds of ingredients you use.

  • Something that is 99.99999% synthetic only needs to have .0000001% natural ingredients to say it's natural. 

Even vegan claims get me because they can still contain synthetic ingredients, so unless you carefully read the label, then just trust. AND just because a myriad of companies out there claim to have vegan products, what about if they sell multiple things like food, makeup, and skincare? Is it all vegan, or just the dietary stuff? 


My skincare products are safe and effective. I KNOW THIS.  They are put through rigorous lab testing, and comply with all regulations, guidelines and protocols established by the FDA.


Unless you buy your personal care items every two weeks and keep in the refrigerator, they need to have preservatives or they will grow fungus and mold. As soon as they are introduced to oxygen and light, they will start to spoil.  Preservatives like parabens are found naturally in some foods. They aren't all dangerous. SO don't freak out when Europe says they banned certain parabens. They make it sound like the USA didn't except the US banned the same exact use of parabens. AND remember, just because clever marketing ploys tell you that it doesn't contain a certain ingredient, it doesn't necessarily mean it's safe. Absence of something, doesn't mean there is no risk.   


Quit letting BUZZ WORDS freak you out. Here is my buzz word...  STOKED


  • I’m stoked to use something everyday that is simply the right ingredients, the right amounts, used in the right order. This, my friends, is why it works.

  • Im “stoked” that my skincare works so well that is is a $2B brand now. TRUST THIS.

  • I’m “stoked” to know my skincare is safe and effective. I have seen the studies and reports myself.

I share all of my regimens knowing the truth, not hiding it behind buzzwords.

I use them, I see results. I LOVE MY RESULTS!


AND I stand by the Dr's who created the brand. 


The right ingredients, in the right amounts, in the right order. AND that my friends, is why I am STOKED about my results. 


My current detox regimen is a combination of Soothe and Spotless. Soothe has calming ingredients to help my skin chill out, and Spotless is helping me stay ahead of those gnarly breakouts that I'm getting as my body is ridding itself of bad stuff.


Check out these results: 








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